Robert Chandler and ShannonRae have always been rebels in their own personal journeys. In a world where everyone is focused on the external, they invented a concept called Message-Based Cycling™.

More than a ride, or a workout, the Revolution is an awakening from the inside out.


Their purpose has always been awakening and liberating others to the celebration of life.

With a foundation rooted in love, they provide people of all walks of life a safe, secure, and liberating chance to discover the power within themselves.



“It’s our mission to speak life into others,” explains Rob. “I watched my dad work all the way through stage-4 cancer, right up until the day he died, just to take care of us. Every opportunity I get to give others the chance to live and love more fully while they are here is a blessing on his shoulders. The Revolution does that for everyone we touch!”


Come. Ride. Feel.
Leave Energized.
Love throughout your Day.

True to our values, we believe in simplicity, focus and connection.


A virgin to cycling, and 4 spins later with Rob, ShannonRae, knew this was more than just a cycling class.  It was an uprising of love. His method was a Revolution; one the world needed to experience. 

Rob, a high energy, charismatic and inspiring father who grew up on the streets of Chicago has turned his challenges and mistakes into inspiration for others.  ShannonRae, a passionate results junkie, found her feminine grace by rising through trauma and now builds companies, facilitates ceremony, and empowers others.  A dynamic team, they are committed to awakening others through a powerful Revolution.


The Revolution is about breathing life into others. With every ride you invest in the Uprising of Love for someone in need. $14 a month, of every ‘Unlimited Love’ membership, goes toward a local charity. The mission of our charity commitment is to uplift local individuals going through significant short-term challenges by providing financial support, services, and inspiration during their time of need. Our first recipient, Serina Williams, is embarking upon her 5th battle of breast cancer, now stage 4. We ride for her and those we impact so they can Live, Laugh, and Love through whatever they are facing.

Serina and Rob at Revolution Cycle Studio in Las Vegas