What is a Boutique Cycling Studio?

A boutique studio specializes in a specific style of fitness. For us, that’s cycling. Our studio is housed in a specialized gym offering additional options such as weights, HIT, BURN, and personal training that you may combine with your cycling regimen for an additional price.

What is message based cycling?

Messaged-based cyclingTM is elevated fitness. It’s like having a customized speaker inspiring you throughout your ride.

It’s valuable, and critical, to distract your mind and engage your heart.  Messaged-based cyclingTM allows your body to move into deeper levels of fitness you otherwise may not have achieved because of mental chatter, fear, boredom, or perceived limitations.

What's an Inside Out Workout?

In fitness and life, we tend to focus on our external or physical appearance and don’t always give our inner-self the same love and work. We believe that when you work from within first, the outer transformation comes naturally, easier, and is more deeply satisfying.

Further, a workout ‘from the inside-out’ shifts our awareness toward how interconnected our minds, bodies, and souls naturally are. Honoring this helps us sustain our physical results through this internal alignment. With solid inner foundation we can build and revere our bodies as temples for life and love.

What is the Revolution Method?

We deliver a trademarked series for each of our rides that follows specific sequencing designed to work you from the inside out. Our method was designed around Rob’s signature style.

Your 60-minute experience will include:
  –  Periods of awakening, self-love, and celebration 
  –  All in a high intensity workout!

What is Micro-Cuing?

Our instructors micro-cue throughout your ride; delivering a consistent message that occupies your mind, engages your heart, and inspires your spirit to something greater. This allows our body to get a more intense work out as a result.

It’s our mind that creates illusionary blocks to our elevation. When we work from the inside out occupying our mind, and engaging our hearts, our body moves into new levels of fitness capability. This method builds stamina and strength quicker by removing natural road blocks. Road blocks like muscle fatigue, a feeling that we can’t get enough oxygen in our body to keep going, or our mental chatter. These things often prevent us from moving through perceived limitations.

Do you have daycare?

Unfortunately, we do not. But check back with us in the future, you never know!


Do we provide lockers?

We do not provide lockers, but do have yoga style cubbies to place your belongings in on our north wall.  We ride in an open studio and everything is visible in a ‘loft style’ setting. 

Can I purchase water if I forget?

Yes, you can purchase water from us for $2 if you happen to forget your own. It is critical to hydrate while cycling.

Can I come in anytime and ride on my own?

We are only open during our scheduled ride times. We ride together as a community, a tribe. We are a collective experience. 

Can my children come Spin?

We are family-friendly.  If you can reach the pedals, you can ride with us.  


Are you a performance driven studio? Do you compete?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, extreme rider, or high performance athlete, this ride will feed you everything you need.

There is no competition between riders in the room. This ride is all about you versus yourself. We are a ride and get stronger tribe.

We ask you to set an intention and ride with passion. Your intention may not always be physical and won’t always be measurable; it is yours and yours alone. Your own journey may shift from day-to-day.  Dropping judgements of self and others, checking our egos at the door, and focusing on love and intention will get you further and deeper than you can ever imagine.

We will give you a heart monitor to track your personal metrics and have high-tech tracking tools on each of our top of the line Stage 3 bikes. You can see the metrics of those who chose to share them. You can use them if you chose to for your own perspective. Or you can leave them dark. Your metrics are your personal journey.

t monitor to track your personal metrics and have high tech tracking tools on each of our top of the line Stage 3 bikes. You can see the metrics of those who chose to share them. You can use them if you chose to for perspective. Or you can leave them dark. Your metrics are your personal journey.

What's a Live Ride?

A Live Ride is simply a ride, usually our standard 60 minutes, when we bring in live music choreographed to our signature Revolution Method of cycling. A DJ, bongos and drummers, a saxophone, or violinist will all be creating ‘out of this world’ vibes as you ride through your workout.

We do them at least once a month.

What is a Family Ride?

We are a family-first organization. We believe in quality time with our families. A family who rides together, grows together. These rides are less intense, and more fun and playful. They still follow our signature Revolution Method. However, they are designed for all ages to ride at once fitted with a family message for everyone to evolve together.

We know finding time to work, grow, get your fitness, relationship and family time in can be challenging. This helps you maximize your time, inspire our young ones to live healthy and our families to be stronger.

What are Community Rides?

We are a service-based organization. We believe there is more than enough for everyone, everyone is valuable and with a strong foundation everyone succeeds. It’s our core value.

$14 of every ‘Unlimited Love’ monthly membership goes to our foundation; where we invest in local individuals during challenging times. However, we also do monthly community rides where we donate our studio, space and staff/instructors to local non-profits to raise money for their cause as well.


What’s our cancellation policy?

Early cancellation is considered canceling more than 4 hours prior to class start time and will incur no charge.

Late cancellation is canceling 4 hours or less before class start time and will incur a charge of the current drop-in rate of $15. No shows are also charged the drop-in rate of $15.

Memberships are not under contract, but do require a 30-day cancellation notice.

How do I register for a session?

CLICK HERE and sign up for your next ride. First ride is FREE! You can also find us in your MindBody app if you choose to reserve a class that way.

We do not reserve bikes in our studio. Bikes are chosen on a first come first serve basis in the studio.

What’s the earliest I can register?

7 days before the scheduled session.

What should I know about my first session?

Arrive 30 minutes before class AND bring water. We will provide towels at no charge.

We will help sign you in, get you set up properly, become familiar with the bike, go over proper technique and answer any questions you have.

Go at your own pace. There is no competition in our studio. We listen to your body and strive for your own set of goals and intentions.


Work at your own level. As class begins, your body will feel unfamiliar movements. Muscle memory will kick in, trust your body. You will add resistance throughout class. You want to feel tension, but you don’t want to add so much you cannot pedal. Pace yourself. Listen to your body, trust your instructor and push yourself in ways that enhance you. Your first couple classes will develop stamina and muscle memory.

Regardless of what others are doing, in those first few sessions, feel free to stay seated and work on developing the basics if you chose. You will watch yourself get stronger with each class. This is your ride. Ride how you chose. Consistency is key. Work with your instructor to build a plan that helps you achieve your unique goals. Again, this is all about YOU.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. We are imperfectly perfect. We’ve all started something new, made mistakes, taken a rest on a long journey. We always have someone behind and ahead of us. This is your ride. There is no comparison or competition. We are a community. We are in this together. We support and celebrate one another exactly where we are. It’s something we take great pride in at our studio. From day to day even your own stamina, strength, and pace will evolve, ebb and flow. Stay in your own flow. That’s all that matters. What’s meant for you won’t miss you. So do you, and know that you are not alone in your journey.


Do you offer anything else other than Spinning?

We are partnered with, and reside within, the PlayGround; a boutique gym.

They offer weights, personal training, yoga, Pilates, dance, and a variety of boot camp style training programs to both burn and build.

They offer everything from cardio to weight machines, battle ropes, free weights, TRX, foam rolling, circuits, kettlebells, sandbags and various other options for complete workouts.

How big are your classes?

Our standard classes are 30 with the option to go up to 38 riders per session.

How many days a week should I spin?

Your goals will set your schedule.

Our instructors will work with you to set a routine and ride that will help you achieve your specific goals.

Our average rider rides 3 times a week. We have those who ride twice a week, and those who ride daily with us.

It is really up to you.

What type of bikes do we have?

We ride top of the line Stage 3 bikes.  Our bikes offer you the option to ride with cycling shoes that have SPD clips, or with your regular tennis shoes. 


Are cycling shoes required? Are they available to rent?

No, cycling shoes are not required. Regular gym shoes will work. The more firm the sole is, the better. We do recommend cycling shoes if you plan to ride more than 4 times with us.

We do not rent cycling shoes at the studio. We do, however, have recommendations and partnerships of where to purchase cycling shoes with the right SPD clips for our bikes. We also sell SPD clips in the studio and can help you install them as well.

Are heart rate monitors required? Are they available at the studio?

Nothing is required. We do offer them. You can purchase your own, or do so through us at the studio.

We additionally have monitors tracking RPMs and other metrics right on the bike if you wish to track and record. We rarely use them, but we support you in it if you choose to. Again, we are not competitive and we are focused on an inside-out workout.

Can I stop pedaling in the middle of a session?

It is not wise to stop pedaling unless you feel faint or dizzy. If class becomes intense, sit down and adjust your pace and pedaling to bring your heart rate down. However, if you find you are faint or dizzy, stop your feet slowly, step off the bike and inform the instructor right away. Your health is our priority.

Is the cool down important?

Yes. We highly recommend staying for the cool down and stretching. Properly cooling down allows the body to recover. You will find our instructors lead active recovery, which means pedaling through a cool down. It allows for proper blood flow back to the heart and other extremities, and has been known to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. You will also find that our instructors are trained in breathing techniques as well. We use them often throughout class to adjust your response both internally and externally. Breath control is imperative in class and in life.